Thursday, December 08, 2005

Was Nature Partial?

Back home for the winter vacation, I delve into my bag finding this paper cutting dated 18th of November. It was not just another article on global warming, the author was trying to say something, yet he was too careful in choosing his words. I read it twice and the whole plot unfolded to this.
A recent report form the Journal Nature says that “the least polluting countries would become the easiest preys to the global warming caused by more polluting countries”. The term “least polluting countries” does not point to those which have strict rules in industrial norms (since there is virtually no such country) but it refers to the poorest countries. These nations would face dramatic increase in deaths form disease and malnutrition as a direct result of climate change driven by wealthier, more polluting countries. Scientists expect a doubling of deaths form malaria diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition by 2030.
Upon drawing a map showing how climate change would affect different regions of the world, it emerges to show the least wealthy countries with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions as the most vulnerable. And horribly these are the countries that lie in the TROPICS. Regions of highest risk included coastlines of Pacific, INDIAN oceans and sub-Saharan Africa.
At the University of Wisconsin, Prof. Jonathan Patz says “The map shows that the health impact of climate change disproportionately affects poorer countries that in my view have no responsibility for global warming. It’s completely unethical and it cannot be ignored”.
Forecasts of climate change also predict more erratic weather patterns wreaking havoc with subsistence farming (about 3 quarters of INDIAN agriculture is of this type) adding to the burden of malnutrition.
And hardest of all truth is that, this report comes two weeks before the Kyoto protocol meet and United States, which emits 24% of world’s greenhouse gases (making it the most polluting country) has refused to sign up on grounds that it would hamper its financial growth. (Kyoto protocol specifies the norms for industries with relevance to mitigating global warming).

Well pushing aside the politics played by those wealthy countries, the one thing that deeply disturbs me is the fact that TROPICAL countries are the most hit. When I consulted an Evolutionary Biologist regarding this article, I found that Tropical countries were in fact meant to be poor and they would never become a developed country. Shocked? Well yes, this was the explanation he gave. (Think of humans as mere animals all through the explanation).
Life on Earth emerged first in the tropics which is a region with a lot of dynamic changes in climate. This subsequently resulted in a lot of evolution, mutation and survival of the fittest. Meanwhile when there was fierce competition for food and life in the tropics, the temperate (present wealthy countries) remained to be barren deserts. Slowly and steadily some part of the well evolved species (perhaps humans) migrated to the tropics forecasting a prosperous future. The resources in those regions were wild and wide that almost the poorest should have been richer than the counterparts in the tropics. Since species with similar opinions migrated in groups, they had little diversity in lifestyle, which is quite conspicuous in present wealthy countries.
In the tropics, where there was a lot of competition for food and shelter, the species spent most of the energy in procuring food and reproducing so as to sustain its race, while those at the temperate had everything in surplus leaving behind a lot of time for a lot of other activities.
Now after 40,000 years the temperate countries wealthier right form the beginning of the game are jerking off poisonous gases which as a result are going to prey upon the good old tropical countries where the same species is still starving for food…! Is it not agonizing?. And all this because life emerged in the tropics.

Is mother Nature really partial?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Whether to Wither Weather

Water an elixir of life... Really? Hastily said? I guess so..

Floods everywhere in South India. Reading this I could recall the last summer when the peninsula was sore without water. Farmlands literally sun baked without water but now, swept clean by floods. Why this extreme variation in climatic conditions? Shall not this excess water be tapped in the right way and made use of during the needy times? This remains as the unanswered question of virtually everyone in the State. Unbearable hot summers followed by flooding monsoons, will these continue as the eternal plight of tropical countries? Can weather be tamed?
Fortunately the answer seems to be positive.

Now lets learn how hurricanes (deadliest of climatic demons) are formed and how could those be tamed.

Hurricanes (called as Cyclones in the Indian Ocean, Typhoons in the Pacific Ocean) are spiraling winds at the speed of 75 miles per hour (65 knots) formed in the tropics. When these winds strike heavily populated areas, they can kill thousands and cause billions of dollars of property damage. Nothing stands in their way.

Anatomy of a Hurricane
Formation of these tempestuous storms is depicted in the picture. 1.High temperatures at the lower latitudes of tropics cause high evaporation rates. 2.The moist, warm air raises upward and as it reaches cooler altitudes, the moisture condenses releasing the latent heat of evaporation (3) thus causing them rise to further heights.

4.The fast rising air creates a region of low pressure
below. Air form the surrounding flow into this region of low pressure. This causes the air above to rise further (5). This movement and release of heat cause further inflow of air at the bottom. 6.The storm gets a circular rotating action due to the rotation of earth.

7. This process continues rapidly increasing the quantity of inflow creating a familiar central eye and few others layers of winds each at different temperatures and levels of saturation.
8.The spiraling air forms a wall around the center resembling a cylinder. 9.The rising air looses much of its moisture and temperature as it reaches the lower layers of stratosphere and is centrifuged away (shown in blue arrows). Some part of it falls into the eye.

The logic behind controlling hurricanes is that atmosphere is greatly sensitive to tiny influences. These slight, purposely applied inputs to a hurricane might generate powerful effects that influence the storms either by steering them off the track or by reducing their wind speeds.

The Simulation
Scientists at Atmospheric & Environmental Research (AER) with the funding form NASA, model hurricanes and simulate them with 3D soft wares. They use ‘time’ as an extra dimension making it a 4D model.
To create the model, six hours data (of a recorded storm) providing details about the humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature at different altitudes are fed. The model is simulated and a realistic hurricane is seen as an animation. Every inch of it is studied at every second interval.
Now this model can be used to visualize how the storm would look if took a different path. The egregious harm due to the storm would be minimal if it had skipped human settlements. So as the model is being simulated, scientists try to change or detour the path of the hurricane, diverting it away form densely populated regions by giving specific commands to the computer. The computations were made to provide the smallest change needed that can powerfully alter the course of the storm.
Several trials were made and the final observations revealed that the most significant modifications were located at the starting temperatures of winds. Meaning that altering the initial temperatures of the hurricane (the evaporation state) would result in massive changes in the path of the storm. A slight change of a mere 1/10 of a degree Celsius(during the initial state) caused a terrific shift of about 500 miles off the original track, and an alteration of 3 to 20 (mph) in velocity and a 2 degree temperature change

Further analysis revealed the necessity for an alteration of about a few degrees in temperature to arrive at quick results. With the present technology, the possibility of raising the temperature of something as huge as a hurricane seems remotely possible.

In the future, an array of earth orbiting satellites can convert solar energy into microwaves and beam them at the target location to heat them up. This would cause a shift into the desired direction. In addition biodegradable oil could be spread over the sea surface. This would reduce the evaporation causing lesser air to ascend thus reducing the intensity of the storm. Artificial condensation aids by seeding the clouds with silver iodide would cause immediate precipitation lessening the severity of the storm.

The sporadic nature of weather makes it all the more difficult to model. Thus no matter to what extent we strive to mimic the chaos an exemplary model cannot be achieved. Due to the lack of sufficient records all hydrologic cycles are believed to close annually.
This ability to alter the course of a tempest could be used to devastate enemy countries by economically and electronically sound nations. Hence a UN policy has banned the usage of weather modification as weapon.
Considering all works good, the ecological imbalance this would create becomes a paradox. As discovered earlier, the atmosphere is too sensitive to tiny influences; then imagining the extent to which massive changes like alteration in the course of a hurricane might result in, really leaves behind a greatly dreadful picture.
The very prophylactic measure could leave us in trepidation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Some where in a nameless village of Vietnam, a girl dies off and suddenly there is world wide alarms, similar deaths being accounted, scientists settle down full fledged in research trying to crack down the traffic of diseases between man and animals. Why - Because, the girl died of flu.

How Deadly?
While one in every ten just shrug off the disease, we should believe that about 30 to 60 million Americans catch it every year and some 36 thousand die. The flu virus mutates so fast that no one ever becomes fully immune and new medicines need to be produced every year. Chickens died within hours of exposure swollen and haemorrhaging. It killed lab mice, tigers and worst humans too with the same effect. In 1918, the last year of the First World War, large number of soldiers began to die at the tents, not due to the war but due to flu. In hospitals, youth were admitted for piercing headache and joint pains. They died off with faces turned purple as they essentially suffocated to death. When their lungs were cut open, it looked far different from the usual light and elastic sac, they looked like water logged sponges – filled with body fluid. Some 50 to 100 million died all around the globe.

Today, scientists from all around the world fear of another such catastrophe. But this time, it could be even worse claiming 180 to 360 million lives. They say, “Sooner of later as deadly a virus that can jump from birds to people will sweep the globe”. And this virus is H5N1.

From the labs
While John Oxford tries his best with the paraffin embedded samples of lung tissues of victims died in 1918 pandemic, Yi Guan of Hong Kong University is tracking down the evolution of H5N1 bird flu virus.There are two types of flu virus, one is avian flu – attacks birds but lacks the capacity to spread fast in humans. Another is human flu – attacks humans and is extremely fast in transmission. Yet human body is capable of getting immune to it. Flu viruses carry their genetic material in 8 RNA segments. It becomes easy for its subtypes to swap genes if they meet through a process similar to a sexual intercourse. This causes mutation resulting in a newer flu virus. This is why we could not consummate with one medicine for flu while human body could not acquire complete immunity.
For human flu and avian flu (bird flu) to mix up, they should infect the same animal. The suspect is pigs for they can get human flu from the farmer and avian flu from the birds (especially ducks) of the same farm. Thus in 1957 and 1968 pandemics, human and avian flu viruses mixed yielding a hybrid which killed 2 million people around the globe. Strangely though, in 1918 something different happened. The flu virus was not a hybrid; its genetic pattern resembles very much that of an avian flu virus without a single sharing of human viral genes. Today H5N1 is doing the same thing. Scientists fearfully believe the present plight where H5N1 virus causes deaths only in tens instead of tens of millions is only tentative.

Anatomy of H5N1
May 1997 was the first time when H5N1 jumped to humans. Then again 17 deaths were reported in the same year in Hong Kong. Interestingly most of them who died were either frequently visiting or working in poultry farms. This event sent fears chilling in the veins of HK government. Hong Kong mass slaughtered 1.5 million birds in a measure to eradicate the deadly H5N1 virus. Regretfully, their belief turned out to be complacent. Again in 2001, another strain of H5N1 cropped up – once again a mass slaughter. Despite these desperate measures, the battle against bird flu turned out futile. In 2002 there was another outbreak, more severe this time. Only then it was found, the real source was from the mainland of China. H5N1 swapped its genes with other avian flu viruses producing a plethora of new variants. By the end of 2003, H5N1 reached South Korea and Japan in the north and up to Indonesia in the south originating in China. Governments evaded using migratory birds as the scape-goat explaining that birds have no boundaries. But researchers believe migratory birds could not be the source of spread as they would eventually die down if infected and cannot carry it long. The only mode being sophisticated shipments transporting live poultry – one of mankind’s marvels, now bitterly betraying.

The war
40 in Vietnam, 12 in Thailand, 4 in Cambodia have died of H5N1 flu so far. 40 million birds have died either out of disease or out of control measures on the whole causing a gross loss of 10 billion dollars in the year of 2004. The real scare in H5N1 is that so much of it including how it kills people is still unknown. With raising number of cases, even human to human transmission (which so far believed what avian flu is not capable of) is being suspected. Researchers from everywhere around the globe congressed and resolved not to wait for the invisible prank to show up. Now scientists of CDC (Center for Disease Control) Netherlands are artificially mixing and matching H5N1 with existing human flu virus to test the hybrids whether if any were a potential enemy.

In Hong Kong, a rich country could mass slaughter twice and disinfect the poultry frequently keeping the virus out of bounds.But in Vietnam, a poorer neighbor, mass slaughter only left the spread unabated. The Vietnam government suffers due to inefficiency, poverty and tradition to bring things under control.In Thailand a comparatively richer nation, slaughters only the infected poultry. But there duck herders traditionally drive flocks from field to field to eat the leftover rice - a practice that can efficiently spread the disease. In addition, with Laos, Cambodia as its neighbors any measure remains futile.

Will we win?
Analyzing statistically like an epidemiologist,
In 1918 pandemic caused by Human & pig flu claiming 50 to 100 million
In 1957 pandemic caused by Human & avian hybrid claiming 1 million
In 1968 pandemic caused by Human & avian hybrid claiming 0.75 milion
In 2005 pandemic caused by H5N1 (expected) claiming 180 to 360 million

With humans leaping distances faster with newer technologies, so does flu. In 1968 it took a year to spread around the earth, now it would take only as much as half the time. It is calculated that, even with a vaccine ready at hand, only at the 100th day of outbreak it could be distributed. But as of now (with no vaccine), a vaccine would be invented only on the 250th day. When could we distribute it?

Assuming somebody somewhere in a village gets infected and sparks an outbreak; Public Health Officials would be able to flood antiviral drugs treating hundreds of thousands of patients, if only the virus spreads too slowly in the beginning. But the sickening truth is, Asia lacks much of the necessary infrastructure.If, as it may seem, Asia fails in controlling flu, the whole world would get infected in less than a few months. Richer countries prepare Tami flu (a medicine believed to protect against H5N1). UK prepares it for curing 15 million (a quarter of its population), France almost for its entire population. But USA believes in a vaccine hence produces only for 2.3 million against its strength of 300 million.

But no one knows if H5N1 is the real threat or just a gimmick. Several other flu viruses have infected recently but nothing is as deadly as H5N1. Researchers at CDC Netherlands performing genetic analysis say the virus could either mutate into a virulent form or into an innocuous one.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Bibliography : National Geographic, October 2005.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Perhaps it's their Alma Mater

After a really long time, I was walking into the IIT Madras campus. Albeit claimed to be a deer reserve, I couldn’t spot one; must be study time then. Walking through that isolated town always recalled those images of Coimbatore Forest College where some of my mother’s colleagues used to work.

I was almost panicked when I found my clock ticking 3:00 PM, scared that I might have missed the best part of the first day of SAASTRA 2005. But luckily I did not. Unlike most of the colleges where people start their day in the morning, these people do it only in the dusk. The inauguration which planned to start by 5:30 did start in time, amazing huh!

Well these people really have their own style, I’ll tell you how. In SAASTRA, where brilliant brains converge, every thing was weird. The whole way they function is truly complex. Doing things in the unusual way has become a usual way to them. I’ve been to a few conferences, seminars, symposiums and found the chief guest, the host, and even the anchor dressed in utterly formal attire. But what I saw is truly hard to believe. None of the IITan inclusive of the deans, chairman, and the chief guest was in business formal suits. The huge auditorium was totally vacant except for me when I entered it an hour before the function. The chief coordinator (one with a French beard, wearing pre –shrunk chick shirt and cotton slacks) came sluggishly with a Sony Waio only half an hour prior. His team followed (none was in formals!). Then came the media team with a high end digital camera connected with a 512 kbps broadband line which was to continuously stream everything online.

As the anchor (a round guy weighing about 90 kg wearing a cargo shirt tucked out) introduced the dais and requested to take position, they were grinningly searching the name plates to find which their supposed seat was. The whole event went on so casual. The dean looked so amicable. I found he was truly one of such kind when he started to speak. I was spell bound looking at that, the whole crowd cheered him as he was invited. Cameras were flooding to take pictures of him. (Believe me there was only one reporter and the rest were students). What else does a teacher need? As he spoke, I guessed whom else do the students need for motivation?

The chief guest did really what he was supposed to do – he stole the show. An alumnus of IIT M, he started of the typical “start with a bang” policy. He complimented the Dean commenting that the lunch was so irresistible, tasting as good as the hostel food. The laughter should have torn the roof apart.

Well, you must be wondering if two persons were writing this article.. Yup, I have poured in both negative and positive criticism simultaneously. Although everything looked so casual, it even gave me an impression if the people had a “come what may” attitude, everything was functioning as planned. There were no confusions, no alterations and nothing messy. The chief organizer sat silently in one corner and watched the whole event like a fresher.

At the last symposium I attended in one of the top deemed universities, the speakers were all in brilliant business suits. And guess what, none of them except for the chief guest could complete a sentence in proper English. Some contradicted the previous speaker, some even advised students to wake up early, work hard and eat well. I had to recall that I was sitting in a national technical symposium.

But here, none in the dais was in suits, they all appeared friendly in casuals. They spoke of real technology, real talent, all complimented the students and possessed them as assets. It clearly shows they worship talent, raw talent. They do not fall prey to the tinsel world fame, the pseudo elite society which much of the higher echelons of society have felled into.

It’s definitely their alma mater.

The Loss = Gain Business

One good thing in missing dinner at the mess is that I am getting a chance to walk out, out this cramped college. Many-a-times I’ve found a lot of ideas, solutions, reasons flow out whenever I walked in solitude. And today I had to walk to RK Foods for munching and I ended up with this.

I am a profuse thinker, I accept that. But for so long, I’ve been only a thinker, and that’s the bitter reality. Well, paper and pen do not resist anything I say, they are lifeless, still accept my thoughts. This leaves me with an intrigued situation, if I am fit to speak only to these lifeless objects? Someone reading this should help me.

Several lines of crap n still not to the topic, this surely not my style… looks like I am corrupted. I’ve experienced this for quite a number of times, you get some thought lingering in your mind, and you want to get rid of it, just write down, it evades quickly… in a way you are materializing it, fulfilling your desire.

Walking a long distance in the cool air, watching the big moon, I let my first ‘self’ to think and the second ‘self’ to observe it closely and to criticize. I know it sounds odd.. , well I’ll tell you. You voluntarily split your conscious into two, let one speak and the other to watch it… you’ll get a lot of ideas flowing.

I’ve always been thinking about the positives of a person. I don’t know when I made this habit up. Albeit it sounds altruistic, a deep business motive is hidden. You always speak, think only about the positives of people around you, and when you need to have a job done, you immediately remember who is good at it and request their help, get the work done. It’s that simple.

THE AMOUNT OF SUCCESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE AMOUNT OF FAILURE.. It’s a crude generalization,. It’s like the extent to which you analyze your failure, measures the extent to which you prepare for the next battle.

Now, here I analyze where I were incomplete as a secretary.

The problem with me was, I was a shrewd businessman. I was getting down to business always and always only getting down to business.

In life, time means money and money means time. I had a number of people working with me. If it were to be a real business project, I for sure would have settled them with money…. But, this was a joint event, and I must have paid them with the equivalent TIME. Meaning I should have spent time with them appreciating their work, encouraging etc. But unfortunately, I never did that.

Several times, I had declined their invitation for a chill-out, which often meant a cheap party and a silly movie. That’s definitely not my kind of chill out. This is something, I shouldn’t have resisted.

Can a business be 100% profitable?... which means, can I run a business without even a speck of loss? I did it last time and that’s why I failed the next time… well I’ll explain. Time is money to me.. it’s the factor that ticks my clock. I didn’t want to waste ( in fact spend) my time with my co-workers of society, which I deemed professional and fast. I was 100% efficient in managing my time, spending it only for productive activities. In that plethora of work unfinished, I never realized that, I had to spend equally on Human Resource management as well.

As a remedy, I should, in the amidst of sea big works, have spent time talking, motivating others. This in fact is not a productive activity and is a LOSS (remember time = money) in terms of dry business, but this in reality is an INVESTMENT, in ethical terms.


Here you invest your time, (time = money) while you continue your current project. This investment helps tremendously as a motivating factor for the next undertaking.

This rare and a superior concept of failure = successes and loss = investment is a wonderful business concept, which finally infers that, HR is the toughest yet a fruitful management scheme.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Billion Dollar Toy

“NASA has made a billion dollar toy just to make it hit and burst.” Perplexed?
Well, read on. ‘Deep Impact’ is a billion dollar mission to answer the billion dollar question of how Earth was formed a billion years ago.
Engineers designed two vehicles for this mission, a SUV sized flyby spacecraft (which acts as the mother ship) equipped with telescopes, cameras, spectrometer and 820 pound impact craft about the size of a washing machine.
The comet Tempel1 is oblong and about 9 miles long. Comets are orbiting relics made of mysterious amalgams of rocks, ice & dust born with the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.
At 500,000 miles away form Tempel1, the Impactor gets released from the mother ship. It transmits images till it collides with a force of 5 ton dynamite making a crater of the size of a football ground. Many scientists believe that comets brought to Earth a lot of water, all organics needed to implant life on Earth. Let’s wait and watch the result. Click to view the collision pictures.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Shifts in the Magnetic Poles…

As many of us know, there are two kinds of poles for the Earth, the Magnetic poles and the Geographical poles. Although the location of the geographical poles remains constant, those of the magnetic poles do not.
Scientists believe that they have discovered the possible reason for these shifts, being, that the Earth’s core rotates faster than its surface, by about 0.3 to 0.5 degree per year.

Structure of the Earth
Earth’s iron core consists of a solid inner core about 2,400 kilometers in diameter and a fluid outer core about 7,000 kilometers in diameter.
Whenever an earth quake occurs, the shock developed travels in the form of waves called seismic waves. These waves are of three kinds and travel with different velocity in mediums with different densities. Scientists have long been studying the anatomy of earth quakes using devices called Seismograms which record the intensity and the origin of an earth quake. Several hundreds of seismic stations equipped with similar devices are located all around the globe to constantly monitor and study the tectonic and crustal movements.

The unnatural phenomenon
Researchers reported observations of 17 sets of similar seismic waves – called waveform doublets – from earthquakes occurring in the South Sandwich Islands region off the coast of South America. The doublets, which were recorded at up to 58 seismic stations in and near Alaska with a time separation of up to 35 years, allowed the researchers to detect temporal changes along the sampling paths.
The similar seismic waves that passed through the inner core show systematic changes in travel times and wave shapes when the two events of the doublet are separated in time by several years. The only plausible explanation is a motion of the inner core.

The most likely explanation for why the inner core is rotating at a different speed is electromagnetic coupling. The magnetic field generated in the outer core diffuses into the inner core, where it generates an electric current. The interaction of that electric current with the magnetic field causes the inner core to spin, like the armature in an electric motor.
The fluid outer core decouples the solid inner core’s movement from the mantle. Because the fluid outer core is not very viscous, frictional drag is small.
The inner core plays an important role in the geodynamo that generates Earth’s magnetic field, which in turn could be the reason for varying magnetic poles.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well, I give up..

Few years ago, when NASA published their new discovery, that women are more suitable for space travel than men, reasoning that they have greater strengths in terms of stamina with respect to sustainability to intense gyroscopic motion, obviously my reaction was that, it was “CRAP”.
But now, my opinion has reached its obsolescence, and there is no point in me being tenacious, I give up.
Last week, I with my class went on an excursion to the green state, Kerala. It was a pleasant experience for many, and I had a chance to rehabilitate my eidetic memory. Those days, when I used to go on a pilgrimage to Sabirimala came scrolling in front.
And all these bliss took a sharp turn when we finally entered a Theme park.

Although the park was not as big as those in Chennai, it had all potential games to break the guts of many. Games right form water skiing, huge swings that oscillate up to near vertical degrees, circle with seats that rotates at unimaginable speed and finally a glider that virtually tried to throw people with high centrifugal force were played. The result, believe me, it was girls who were really able to sustain till the last sport with undiminished spirit.
Most of the guys (even those with manly voice, mustaches, and beards) were nauseated with the first two, and it was me who could sustain till the last. Yet the truth being that, I never opened my eyes once I sat on the seats.
Albeit seems to be a hard nut to crack for most us (guys), we should remember (perhaps believe) that women prove to be more brave (yet sometimes not bold) than most of us.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Swadeshi Act

You walk into neighboring departmental store and count how many of the articles would have came form somewhere in India, or would have the tag "Made in India" ?, not many.. perhaps this is yet another reason why our country is still developing.
Ours is one of the few innocent countries which export the raw materials for a lower profitable rate and import the furnished products for a higher value. This state clearly explains how much of money is wasted due to marginal profit ratio, while other tinier countries are ravishing this bulk. Well contemporary critics argue that the heavier duty levied on imported goods would solve this issue…. what has globalization done?
Alright, coming to what I feel as the practical solution to this incorrigible plight is introduction and implementation of a new act called the SWADESHI act.
Let me quote it, “ As per the Swadesi act, any product (gadget/software/clothes/food item) that is created and could be repaired using 100% indigenous parts in an Indian firm inside India, would surpass all the taxes, provided the manufacturing company directly or indirectly multiplies the involved revenue”. This way in some five years form now, you and I would be buying a mobile or an MP3 player or why not a cigarette or a bottle of scotch which proudly boasts with the mark in gold “Made in India”. That day you know, this country would have all the positives of its counterparts around this planet, with the plethora of resources available, those days are not far off……………………………………………………………………………………………..
well buddy , all happens if somebody in the constitution knows this……….

Saturday, August 06, 2005

my frineds blog..

Recently, two of my friends invited me to read their blogs.. i was flabbergasted.. feel that was the right word. two silent girls in class, i never knew they had such a good flair in English..I should appriciate their poetic skills and the rhyming lines they used. reading that was great.. perhaps they are using their blog as their digital dairy. I had to note a few words form their posts and check them with the dictionary, great, the words fit in the best possible way.
Well, reading their blog gave me an insight of how girls and guys take things in life.. very different. Things what most of the guys(or atleast i) take easy, mean something too dear to them.. perhaps, some way is needed to differentiate the sexes. Women or the gentle sex.. well that proves right.. they are soft and tender, should be handled in the right way just as Bryan Adams says in his pop..
Well it seems like its gonna take decades for me to learn that, i feel really bad for my last few weeks, i had broke up a two year relationship.. anyway i need to forget that..

well promising with more of inventory posts..
gubbye to the world of bloggers.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Buildings of the new age

Buildings for the new age.

Every one knows what a printer does. How would it be if the ink in the printer is replaced with glue or fast setting cement..?

Yes the new era of robotic construction is in the verge of commencing.

Giant robots when fed with liquid cement would build walls just as a printer prints a line. For a printer a circle is no way different form a rectangle. Thus arched features which are a symbol of art and complexity can now be simplified to a mathematical equation and built a computer and a robot.

A foresight

This robot when prototyped, would have applications right form building cheap extremely fast houses/huts for the tsunami affected to
Building signal towers in Mars.

This idea has been materialized by Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis an engineering professor form the University of California.
The robot is named ‘Contour Crafter’. It builds structure layer by layer moving at the speed of 4 inches per second.

Accounting noise pollution

As we revolutionize, our needs, usage and our exhausts increase. Hence the word pollution comes into the scene. It becomes an absolute necessity for cosmopolitan cities to analyze, monitor and mitigate the impact of noise pollution.

This article discusses the effect and the possible solution for the city of Paris

The data.
26 million microphones installed at every corner of the cyber city gives enormous acoustic data. With other parameters like volume and variety of traffic in about 1000 miles of roads, size, shape and acoustic property of the buildings, the construction material used for roads a computer equipped with a Geographical Information System utilizes this voluminous data to pattern the city’s Day Night Level (DNL) of noise pollution.

The analysis provided the following results

The pattern of the city acts like a sound amplifier. Sound flows like running water (as shown by the arrow marks) to the center resulting in extremely loud and intolerable noise levels.

Express roads that carry 1.2 million vehicles a day around the city are the prime source of noise pollution. Hence abatement walls were built on either side of the roads to protect the city.

7 % of the population is regularly exposed to noise of intensity more than 70 decibels. This is like hearing the noise form a vacuum cleaner for 16 hours.

Sound Throwers

This is my idealogical article..

Frequency attenuation
This is a phenomenon by which an ultrasonic mechanical wave loses its energy stored in the form of frequency shift when it travels long distances.
Thus an ultrasonic wave after traveling long distance looses a considerable amount of energy through frequency attenuation would fall in the audible range.

This concept is similar to how the amplitude of sound waves gets attenuated when it travels long distances.


A musical in the audible range encrypted in the ultrasonic band, could be transmitted just like a sound wave to a long distance. There it naturally reduces to audible range.
Thus without the need for a receiving station or a speaker, sound can be transported.
It would appear as is sound coming from nowhere.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

hello evry1

my wishes and hello to the giant world of blogging..
My name is Atma Bharathi (19, male), im a university student doing bachelor of Engineering in the field of Geo Informatics.
i wish to make friends with every one with great interest and quest for scientific knowledge and to interact and share new and novel ideas and news.

im resident of Coimbatore city, but currently i live in Chenni, Tamil Nadu, India.
bye every one