Friday, October 07, 2005

The Loss = Gain Business

One good thing in missing dinner at the mess is that I am getting a chance to walk out, out this cramped college. Many-a-times I’ve found a lot of ideas, solutions, reasons flow out whenever I walked in solitude. And today I had to walk to RK Foods for munching and I ended up with this.

I am a profuse thinker, I accept that. But for so long, I’ve been only a thinker, and that’s the bitter reality. Well, paper and pen do not resist anything I say, they are lifeless, still accept my thoughts. This leaves me with an intrigued situation, if I am fit to speak only to these lifeless objects? Someone reading this should help me.

Several lines of crap n still not to the topic, this surely not my style… looks like I am corrupted. I’ve experienced this for quite a number of times, you get some thought lingering in your mind, and you want to get rid of it, just write down, it evades quickly… in a way you are materializing it, fulfilling your desire.

Walking a long distance in the cool air, watching the big moon, I let my first ‘self’ to think and the second ‘self’ to observe it closely and to criticize. I know it sounds odd.. , well I’ll tell you. You voluntarily split your conscious into two, let one speak and the other to watch it… you’ll get a lot of ideas flowing.

I’ve always been thinking about the positives of a person. I don’t know when I made this habit up. Albeit it sounds altruistic, a deep business motive is hidden. You always speak, think only about the positives of people around you, and when you need to have a job done, you immediately remember who is good at it and request their help, get the work done. It’s that simple.

THE AMOUNT OF SUCCESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE AMOUNT OF FAILURE.. It’s a crude generalization,. It’s like the extent to which you analyze your failure, measures the extent to which you prepare for the next battle.

Now, here I analyze where I were incomplete as a secretary.

The problem with me was, I was a shrewd businessman. I was getting down to business always and always only getting down to business.

In life, time means money and money means time. I had a number of people working with me. If it were to be a real business project, I for sure would have settled them with money…. But, this was a joint event, and I must have paid them with the equivalent TIME. Meaning I should have spent time with them appreciating their work, encouraging etc. But unfortunately, I never did that.

Several times, I had declined their invitation for a chill-out, which often meant a cheap party and a silly movie. That’s definitely not my kind of chill out. This is something, I shouldn’t have resisted.

Can a business be 100% profitable?... which means, can I run a business without even a speck of loss? I did it last time and that’s why I failed the next time… well I’ll explain. Time is money to me.. it’s the factor that ticks my clock. I didn’t want to waste ( in fact spend) my time with my co-workers of society, which I deemed professional and fast. I was 100% efficient in managing my time, spending it only for productive activities. In that plethora of work unfinished, I never realized that, I had to spend equally on Human Resource management as well.

As a remedy, I should, in the amidst of sea big works, have spent time talking, motivating others. This in fact is not a productive activity and is a LOSS (remember time = money) in terms of dry business, but this in reality is an INVESTMENT, in ethical terms.


Here you invest your time, (time = money) while you continue your current project. This investment helps tremendously as a motivating factor for the next undertaking.

This rare and a superior concept of failure = successes and loss = investment is a wonderful business concept, which finally infers that, HR is the toughest yet a fruitful management scheme.

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