Monday, August 29, 2005

Shifts in the Magnetic Poles…

As many of us know, there are two kinds of poles for the Earth, the Magnetic poles and the Geographical poles. Although the location of the geographical poles remains constant, those of the magnetic poles do not.
Scientists believe that they have discovered the possible reason for these shifts, being, that the Earth’s core rotates faster than its surface, by about 0.3 to 0.5 degree per year.

Structure of the Earth
Earth’s iron core consists of a solid inner core about 2,400 kilometers in diameter and a fluid outer core about 7,000 kilometers in diameter.
Whenever an earth quake occurs, the shock developed travels in the form of waves called seismic waves. These waves are of three kinds and travel with different velocity in mediums with different densities. Scientists have long been studying the anatomy of earth quakes using devices called Seismograms which record the intensity and the origin of an earth quake. Several hundreds of seismic stations equipped with similar devices are located all around the globe to constantly monitor and study the tectonic and crustal movements.

The unnatural phenomenon
Researchers reported observations of 17 sets of similar seismic waves – called waveform doublets – from earthquakes occurring in the South Sandwich Islands region off the coast of South America. The doublets, which were recorded at up to 58 seismic stations in and near Alaska with a time separation of up to 35 years, allowed the researchers to detect temporal changes along the sampling paths.
The similar seismic waves that passed through the inner core show systematic changes in travel times and wave shapes when the two events of the doublet are separated in time by several years. The only plausible explanation is a motion of the inner core.

The most likely explanation for why the inner core is rotating at a different speed is electromagnetic coupling. The magnetic field generated in the outer core diffuses into the inner core, where it generates an electric current. The interaction of that electric current with the magnetic field causes the inner core to spin, like the armature in an electric motor.
The fluid outer core decouples the solid inner core’s movement from the mantle. Because the fluid outer core is not very viscous, frictional drag is small.
The inner core plays an important role in the geodynamo that generates Earth’s magnetic field, which in turn could be the reason for varying magnetic poles.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well, I give up..

Few years ago, when NASA published their new discovery, that women are more suitable for space travel than men, reasoning that they have greater strengths in terms of stamina with respect to sustainability to intense gyroscopic motion, obviously my reaction was that, it was “CRAP”.
But now, my opinion has reached its obsolescence, and there is no point in me being tenacious, I give up.
Last week, I with my class went on an excursion to the green state, Kerala. It was a pleasant experience for many, and I had a chance to rehabilitate my eidetic memory. Those days, when I used to go on a pilgrimage to Sabirimala came scrolling in front.
And all these bliss took a sharp turn when we finally entered a Theme park.

Although the park was not as big as those in Chennai, it had all potential games to break the guts of many. Games right form water skiing, huge swings that oscillate up to near vertical degrees, circle with seats that rotates at unimaginable speed and finally a glider that virtually tried to throw people with high centrifugal force were played. The result, believe me, it was girls who were really able to sustain till the last sport with undiminished spirit.
Most of the guys (even those with manly voice, mustaches, and beards) were nauseated with the first two, and it was me who could sustain till the last. Yet the truth being that, I never opened my eyes once I sat on the seats.
Albeit seems to be a hard nut to crack for most us (guys), we should remember (perhaps believe) that women prove to be more brave (yet sometimes not bold) than most of us.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Swadeshi Act

You walk into neighboring departmental store and count how many of the articles would have came form somewhere in India, or would have the tag "Made in India" ?, not many.. perhaps this is yet another reason why our country is still developing.
Ours is one of the few innocent countries which export the raw materials for a lower profitable rate and import the furnished products for a higher value. This state clearly explains how much of money is wasted due to marginal profit ratio, while other tinier countries are ravishing this bulk. Well contemporary critics argue that the heavier duty levied on imported goods would solve this issue…. what has globalization done?
Alright, coming to what I feel as the practical solution to this incorrigible plight is introduction and implementation of a new act called the SWADESHI act.
Let me quote it, “ As per the Swadesi act, any product (gadget/software/clothes/food item) that is created and could be repaired using 100% indigenous parts in an Indian firm inside India, would surpass all the taxes, provided the manufacturing company directly or indirectly multiplies the involved revenue”. This way in some five years form now, you and I would be buying a mobile or an MP3 player or why not a cigarette or a bottle of scotch which proudly boasts with the mark in gold “Made in India”. That day you know, this country would have all the positives of its counterparts around this planet, with the plethora of resources available, those days are not far off……………………………………………………………………………………………..
well buddy , all happens if somebody in the constitution knows this……….

Saturday, August 06, 2005

my frineds blog..

Recently, two of my friends invited me to read their blogs.. i was flabbergasted.. feel that was the right word. two silent girls in class, i never knew they had such a good flair in English..I should appriciate their poetic skills and the rhyming lines they used. reading that was great.. perhaps they are using their blog as their digital dairy. I had to note a few words form their posts and check them with the dictionary, great, the words fit in the best possible way.
Well, reading their blog gave me an insight of how girls and guys take things in life.. very different. Things what most of the guys(or atleast i) take easy, mean something too dear to them.. perhaps, some way is needed to differentiate the sexes. Women or the gentle sex.. well that proves right.. they are soft and tender, should be handled in the right way just as Bryan Adams says in his pop..
Well it seems like its gonna take decades for me to learn that, i feel really bad for my last few weeks, i had broke up a two year relationship.. anyway i need to forget that..

well promising with more of inventory posts..
gubbye to the world of bloggers.