Sunday, February 05, 2006

3 Patriotic movies in a row..

It's been quite a long time, and after a lull I am back. Last week was quite a peaceful stretch, no classes and with ultimately nothing to do I took all my time to analyze three great movies. Pardon me for I am watching these must watch ones too late. But I am no way here to compare them. They are of different genre and would loose their essence if I did.
The first movie was Mangel Pandey - The Rising. Wow, what an endeavour. I was left spellbound looking at the grandeur of the sets and choreography. It is yet another ratification by Amir Khan to claim that we are on par with Hollywood. The uniforms, shacks, palaces all were so exotic. I truly find the necessity to appreciate the arduous task. I could not find a speck of modern day gadget any where in the studio sets.
I can blindly commit that the movie is strictly by history. At times we are left with a bewildered situation in finding who the protagonist is, whether its Pandey or General Garten. There are a lot of unexpected twists, like in a scene where Mangel Pandey and General Garten fight to save a young woman from Sati, we expect Mangel Pandey being the hero to rescue her and guard her. But it happens the other way round, General Garten gallops away and lives with her. Moreover there are scenes where we are tempted to expect the hero to admonish caste based discrimination, but the hero chastises the scavenger for bumping on him. Finally at the prosecution scene, we are left disappointed. Watching the courage of the hero all through the movie, we expect him to jump out and start the revolt, but he gets hanged with a cry.
Once again I wish to reiterate that the movie is strictly by history. The image of Pandey is of a no superhero. My heart felt appreciation for Amir Khan for he has broken the trend of every hero which had hitherto been followed. Khan has willingly sacrificed his charisma to General Garten's character. And this is why we doubt who the real hero is. All through the movie he remains to be an innocent with the limited knowledge of the sepoy. We should not question the extent of patriotism the movie brings in us, for it's a movie made to reminisce our nation's history.
Coming to the essence of the movie, the hero detests hypocrisy. Interpreting his act in modern day terms, it looks like
if we were to vote and select our chief (based on their election manifesto), we
should be the first person to dethrone him/her if he/she fails to accomplish the

Well, I am not going to expatiate. I'd make the rest two short and crisp. My next movie was SWADES. A slow and smooth movie, without any blood shed or the usual trite we encounter in every patriotic movie. The hero (obviously Sharuk Khan) is a typical NRI. He returns to India to take back his maid after he looses his parents. Coming home he finds the whole village uncouth. Here again there is a reversed heroism, the female lead character (Amrita Arora as Geetha who appears incredibly beautiful all through the movie) professes patriotism and tries to preach the hero. Finally the hero who is a top scientist in NASA detours for India to work for this mother nation.
Now for the essence of the movie,
"How would you allow the lamp from your house to light your neighbour's when
your own home is at destitute"
This is for every NRI who comes across my blog, make up a point that you would definitely do something substantial for your mother nation. Although Arora looks grim and serious throughout, she has definitely made an impact. While almost every woman in bollywood indulges in flesh show, this lady has broken the trend. She looks simply amazing in her conservative clothes. It kindles reverence in me.

The last movie is "The Patriot". Starring Mel Gibson who appears as a retired soldier works in his farm when America is being raided by the British. He has seven children and like any father he wishes to raise them in a society that is free from war and its holocaust. There appears a situation where the American nation requires every one of its male task force to join the army. Despite being a veteran soldier, Gibson declines to join the army citing the war to be unnecessary. But when he looses his second eldest son, he determines to show the British who Americans are in a brutal way. He makes an army of peasants and eventually wins over his land.
Although the main stress of the movie was on the war, I found a court scene, where Gibson states his superior ideal. He claims that
"it's equally the duty of a patriot to rescue the nation from extorting rulers.
A patriot has the duty of overthrowing the chief of his nation if found guilty".
I find this quite alarming. But ironically, for the rest of the movie, not a word is said about this. I accept, this is a very provocative statement but it leaves me with a awe. Even the most powerful media (Hollywood) of the most powerful nation (USA) remains TONGUE TIED.

What does the present day require? A savior? A messiah? Definitely not. It requires a citizen who is committed, honest, and does not work against his conscience. How can one be like this? Simple, don't be a delinquent, pay your taxes regularly, respect your nation and devote at least a part your goals for the development of your nation. I would be completely satiated and elated if everyone who reads this article reply in comment that he/she would be committed for his/her nation.