Saturday, August 06, 2005

my frineds blog..

Recently, two of my friends invited me to read their blogs.. i was flabbergasted.. feel that was the right word. two silent girls in class, i never knew they had such a good flair in English..I should appriciate their poetic skills and the rhyming lines they used. reading that was great.. perhaps they are using their blog as their digital dairy. I had to note a few words form their posts and check them with the dictionary, great, the words fit in the best possible way.
Well, reading their blog gave me an insight of how girls and guys take things in life.. very different. Things what most of the guys(or atleast i) take easy, mean something too dear to them.. perhaps, some way is needed to differentiate the sexes. Women or the gentle sex.. well that proves right.. they are soft and tender, should be handled in the right way just as Bryan Adams says in his pop..
Well it seems like its gonna take decades for me to learn that, i feel really bad for my last few weeks, i had broke up a two year relationship.. anyway i need to forget that..

well promising with more of inventory posts..
gubbye to the world of bloggers.
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