Saturday, July 30, 2005

Buildings of the new age

Buildings for the new age.

Every one knows what a printer does. How would it be if the ink in the printer is replaced with glue or fast setting cement..?

Yes the new era of robotic construction is in the verge of commencing.

Giant robots when fed with liquid cement would build walls just as a printer prints a line. For a printer a circle is no way different form a rectangle. Thus arched features which are a symbol of art and complexity can now be simplified to a mathematical equation and built a computer and a robot.

A foresight

This robot when prototyped, would have applications right form building cheap extremely fast houses/huts for the tsunami affected to
Building signal towers in Mars.

This idea has been materialized by Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis an engineering professor form the University of California.
The robot is named ‘Contour Crafter’. It builds structure layer by layer moving at the speed of 4 inches per second.
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